Health and Safety For The Workplace, The Ocean, and Diving

Do you feel safe on the job? As Canadians, one of our most basic rights as workers is the ability to perform our duties in a workplace that is a safe and healthy space. The vast majority of employees realize and respect that need, but unfortunately some don’t. Because of this, each province has rules in place that require companies to adhere to certain minimum safety standards.

This is good, but it is also important that these standards are uniform and adhered to equally. It is not enough for your boss to say, “OK, we cleaned out the basement and mopped the floors, so you’re good to go!” Basic maintenance is important, but the tasks performed need to specifically address potential hazards related to the work that organization does. Mopping the floor may prevent someone from slipping on some mud, but it won’t stop them from being crushed by improperly stacked pallets.

Each company with more than 20 workers needs to have at least two employees participating in a health and safety committee. One of these volunteers represents the workers, while the other serves as a representative for the company management. These individuals receive training designed to help them perform these duties. PSHSA offers health and safety certification for this purpose; WHMIS training is also highly valuable when it comes to making a workplace safe and secure for everyone there.

The benefits of a safe workplace are obvious. The workers can go about their duties efficiently in a safe environment where they feel comfortable working. That allows the company to meet its goals and satisfy any and all investors. It also helps to guarantee that the products or services will be on par with what is promised.

Is your workplace not up to standard in regards to its safety practices? It is important to speak out and make your concerns known. The life that is saved might be your own.