My Shipwrecked Story

Spear fishing is such an amazing skill to have. Let me tell you an you an amazing story of survival, and how I was only equipped with a spear rod and a underwater drone and survived on a desert island for over two years along by myself. So I am an engineering nut, and I love to explore the depths of the ocean. For me, I think there is something important to understanding that what goes around comes around, and everyone made fun of me for being a kid and being nerdy, but it did pay off in the end. So I am washed up on see after a horrible ship wreck that killed all of our crew. I wash on a deserted island called Mu Ko Ang Thong, and no ships travel through there for years at a time. I am scared, alone and have nothing. Thankfully, two tools wash up onto shore. A spear fishing rod and a drone that goes underwater. These are the two items that saved my life.

So the craziest thing about Mu Ko Thong is that it is completely uninhabitable. There is no one there. It is a beautiful place to see, but it so quiet because there is no one there that after a while you begin to go crazy. There are also horrible scorpions and snakes around. So I had to make sure that I always had a fire going as to not get bitten and die. Which was very scary at night. It was so scary that every night before I went to bed for over five years, I would say goodbye to my wife and kids and throw a rock into the ocean for each of them, just in case I did not make it through the night. So anyway, how did I eat. Well remember before how I mentioned I was a nerd? Well I was able to build a solar powered battery charger using bit and pieces from inside the underwater drone that washed up on shore, and was able to use that to keep the drone fully charged. From there, I would use the drone to search in the water for potential schools of fish, that I would then dive into the ocean and grab. This is how I ate for over 5 years was nothing but tropical fish.

So, after about 5 years I got lazy and fire my went out one night. I got scorpion venom in my bloodstream. While I did the proper precaution and urinated on my wound, however, due to my lack of proper health, the urine did not kill the poison. I began to hallucinate, I saw my wife and children drown in the ocean, the hallucination was so real, that i ran into the ocean too, and I got by a shark, and lost two toes. I ran onto the beach and used a hot log to cauterize my foot. But I had no bandages to cover my wound, so I knew I had to lie down I would die. The next morning I knew I would not survive the day. I could feel the scorpion poison slowly pulsing through my system, killing me more every hour. I decided I only had one choice, and that was leave a note using tree bark as my script, burn my shelter and everything else I had built over the last five years, and then slowly die. as I continue to work on burning all of my stuff, I began to feel my heart stop.l I feel to the ground, but I was not ready to die because I had not written my goodbye note to my family, so I grabbed my charging station for my drone and stuck the positive and negative ends on either side of my nipples, re boosting my heart and giving me a little more time. I burned all of my stuff and began writing the note. I lied down for my final time, looked up at the beautiful blue sky, and for a moment, everything was peaceful, and I was at peace. What then happened is that my fire was so far up in the sky that the smoke caught the attention of as personal plane coming by. I saw that they were going to land, so I jolted myself again, and came back to life long enough to be said. I have to say that without my ROV-, I would not be here. I think it is a special thing that we have developed, it helped me find food in the ocean, and even more importantly, jolted me back into existence when I need it most.