The Biggest Fish I Ever Caught

I have done lots of cool things in my life, and by far one of the coolest things that I have done is that I enjoy being me, and that means that I enjoy doing some good old fashioned fishing. I remember fishing when I was younger, and being with my grandpa out on the lake, getting things done! I have caught a billion fish in my life. I would almost say that I have caught all of them, but I have not (Well not yet anyway). I think there are several different things to consider about what we do and why. The first, and most certainly the most important is that I love to have fun fishing. Fishing is one of those joys that I can just not get by without. I mean if I had one choice in life, I would live on the lake, have fun on the lake, and fish! So fun, so much work to do though to be able to enjoy my pastime.

I feel that what the most important thing is that we continually evolve ourselves to the point where we learn that we are better than you, and can do things even better as well. I take fishing as a competition, and I will never be out-fished by anyone, using any type of pole or rod. Every time I hear the phrase “I am a better fisherman than you are” I pull out the boat and I take them down to the ocean. There, they see the true power of their insignificant skills. I am better, just face it.

That is the biggest fish that I have ever caught. It is so incredibly huge, and yeah, I killed it. What can I say? So if you can catch something better let me know, because I do not think you will be able to!